BP Awards Datum360 Azerbaijan Work

BP Awards Datum360 Azerbaijan Work

BP Awards Datum360 Azerbaijan Work

Datum360 has been awarded – and has already delivered – a contract to deploy its Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will standardize engineering information for the largest oilfield project in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian basin.

The contract with BP was for the delivery of a data warehouse to Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Guneshli (ACG) project located 100km east of Baku.

BP’s Category B projects cover three major oilfields in the Azeri sector. These oilfields span over seven platforms including Chirag, Central Azeri and Deepwater Gunashli and have transformed Azerbaijan into a major global energy supplier.

Commissioned in 1997, the oilfield has been developed over several phases, with the latest in the series being the Chirag Oil Project. BP recently reported total ACG production in H1 2015 averaged at 641,000 b/d.

As part of its contract Datum360 has implemented its standard engineering data warehouse - PIM360 - which has created a central point for collecting standardized engineering information, and as such increased the company’s operational efficiency through eliminating the use of multiple software tools.

“We required a user friendly and consistent solution to bringing engineering information together and Datum360’s engineering data warehouse PIM360 does exactly that,” said Farah Mizrajanova, Azerbaijan developments project information manager at BP. “We now have one centralized approach to collecting data, which means, as a result, we have significantly increased our operational efficiency, saving us both time and money.

“Our team can now spend more time reviewing the quality and completeness of engineering information rather than wasting time manipulating the data as they have done previously.

Datum360’s SaaS will bring together engineering data from several contractors at project. Through implementation of PIM360, BP’s project teams will benefit from fast import and export of data as well as having the ability to view logged activities through an activity feed with the option to share files, documents and emails.

Source: www.oedigital.com

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